The Importance of Location in Warehousing Strategy

Location in Warehousing Strategy

Choosing the right warehouse location is akin to setting the foundation for a building. It needs to be strong, strategic, and supportive of everything that comes after it. This decision influences the efficiency of the entire supply chain, affecting how products are stored, moved, and delivered. Cyzerg mentioned how certain systems can lead to increased fulfillment above 90% through the use of certain systems and capabilities. Now obviously, this is through the use of their proprietary technology, but the point is the same. Shippers that use tech and strategy are better poised to succeed in warehousing. Furthermore, shippers will increasingly turn to freight brokers for information about how to reduce their total fulfillment costs. Let’s take a closer look at how and why a warehouse plays so vitally into this conversation. 

Warehousing and Strategic Positioning (Location)

A warehouse’s location directly impacts the speed and cost of getting products to customers. Proximity to key markets or logistics hubs can significantly reduce transportation costs. Strategic locations can enhance operational efficiency, ensuring products move smoothly through the supply chain. Delving deeper into the specifics, a comprehensive warehousing partner can offer valuable strategies for making informed decisions.

E-commerce demands are also reshaping warehouse location strategies. The goal is to meet customer expectations for rapid delivery, which requires thoughtful placement of distribution centers. Warehouses that facilitate quick e-commerce order fulfillment can dramatically enhance customer satisfaction. The right location considers not only proximity to customers but also integration with the broader distribution network. 

Costs of Warehousing

Financial considerations are paramount when selecting a warehouse location. The balance between cost and strategic advantage is delicate but crucial for long-term success. High rent rates in prime locations can be justified by the proximity to key markets, reducing long-term costs. A thorough cost-benefit analysis is essential to understand the full impact of location on operational expenses and profitability. For businesses considering external logistics support, warehouse logistics outsourcing helps by stabilizing in-house resources against external capacity, whether stored in an actual warehouse or in a yard too. 


The efficiency of last mile distribution benefits significantly from strategic warehouse placement. Warehouses located near high-demand areas can reduce last-mile delivery times. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also lowers transportation costs. This strategic advantage is further amplified when companies leverage comprehensive logistics solutions to streamline their supply chain from end to end. 

Collaboration with supply chain partners can optimize the supply chain further. Agility in responding to market changes is crucial. Partnerships can lead to a more responsive supply chain, benefiting all parties involved. Diversifying warehouse locations can protect against localized disruptions. Strategic planning for warehouse locations is a critical component of risk management. These benefits are maximized when combined with a strategically located warehouse. Regardless, the trick must be to understand how your warehousing and order fulfillment needs work in tandem with the rest of your supply chain. 

Boost Your Warehousing Strategy With LOTTE Global Logistics

Strategically located warehouses are pivotal for achieving supply chain efficiency and operational effectiveness. This strategic foresight can propel a business to new heights, enhancing profitability and ensuring customer satisfaction. The selection of warehouse locations, when done with a comprehensive understanding of its impacts, can create a competitive advantage that is hard to replicate. To ensure your business leverages strategic warehouse locations for maximum efficiency, connect with a LOTTE Global Logistics North America team member today.