About LOTTE Global Logistics North America

LOTTE Global Logistics North America (LGLNA) is a leader in the global logistics industry, headquartered in Irving, Texas, and with regional offices across North America. Our expertise spans land, air, and sea, and we operate over 1,000 logistics networks across the globe. We boast a wide array of service offerings, including: intermodal drayage, international logistics, freight forwarding, truck brokerage, warehousing, and chemical transport, and are continuing to expand and grow in other spaces. Additionally, by introducing automation and optimal layouts in our warehouses, we have increased overall flow and productivity of operations, allowing us to better fulfill and adapt to customer expectations. Our aim is to be a global top-tier logistics company by providing safe, sustainable, and innovative service offerings to our customers.

“We exist to enrich the lives of our employees and customers by delivering superior supply chain services”
At LGLNA, our mission is simple – our purpose is solely to make the lives of both our employees and our customers better through exceptional supply chain services, on land, by air, or on the sea. In everything we do, we strive to execute efficiently, safely, and with regard for our fellow employees. We do this by focusing on four core values: Safety, Diversity and Inclusion, Continuous Improvement, and Trust and Accountability. 

Safety is the fundamental base of our culture here at LGLNA. We like to call it our Behavior-Based Culture, and it is driven by genuine concern for one another. We know that executing our jobs safely ensures that our employees get home at the end of every day, and that our customers are able to receive their loads on-time and damage-free. Our proactive risk assessment system ensures that we maintain efficiency, while never compromising on safety.

We also recognize that Diversity and Inclusion is tantamount to everything else we do as a company, and is the cornerstone of creating meaningful opportunities for our employees, as well as understanding the challenges that others may face. It is because of this understanding that we are deeply committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive working environment, where we value and develop employees of all backgrounds and experiences. 

Continuously improving ourselves is not just something we say, it is a thoughtful approach to ensuring that all of our team members are focused on driving innovation. We recognize that the world is moving forward every day, and we strive to be a leader in the ever-evolving global supply chain. Furthermore, through this approach, we are able to foster development within our employees, and create opportunities for leadership and growth.

Finally, Trust and Accountability means one simple thing: you can trust us to deliver for you. We are dedicated to upholding integrity in all forms, while delivering on our commitments, and meeting our customer expectations. 

At LGLNA, our employees and customers are at the heart of everything we do. 

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